Thursday, December 2, 2010

Final Report On PLN
I use Symbaloo as my PLN to keep me organized. Everything is right there in front of me, just a click away.
The most used are things like
Facebook. This keeps me updated with my friends and family. This is my main search engine for all of my classes. I check all of my bank aaccounts online at any time. I check this everyday. This is my main email account.
PAWS This is the website that South Alabama has to show grades, holds, registration, etc. Yeah, it's pretty important. Yes, an online dictionary for people who can't spell like me :) I use this to watch all of the video's I could ever imagine and upload projects for the EDM 310 class every week.
I actually have a calendar type of organization on my symbaloo now. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have certain classes that are online. These classes are grouped together. My Tuesday and Thursday classes are grouped together, and the rest is at the bottom. Of course, My Blog is top, right. :) I feel like I have FINALLY figured it out.

Summary Post C4K November and 12/5

C4K #8
This blog post was written by shawshaw24. She is in the 12th grade and wrote a very good post on constructive criticism. She said teachers should be motivated to teach, and students should be motivated to learn. If both parties would do just that one job, then life would be so much easier. She is an extremely talented writer. Her word usage and grammar were exceptional.

C4k #9
The students were learning about snails. They made a video about the different snail projects they had made. I have always been creeped out by snails, but I think these children have helped me over come my fear. :)

C4K #10
This post was about Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley is a paper doll that travels all around the world. The video is very cute. It just explains the reasoning behind Flat Stanley. He can go anywhere anytime he wants.

C4K #11
Elizabeth put a picture of the dress her mother made for her on her blog. She is a dancer, and said the crystals on the skirt really sparkle in the light when she moves. It was very creative.

Summary Post C4T Teacher #4

The post that I read was written by Martha Yim. She is a wife, mother, teacher, and business owner. In her post, she is stressing the importance of communication between teachers and parents. I think communication is critical for a child to be capable of learning. The school and can do it with the home-life helping, and the home-life cannot do it without the school. She made very good points about the parents not knowing anything about their children's education, and the teachers not knowing anything about the parents. Again, communication is critical when it comes to education.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Blog Post #13

Alex (Alabama Learning Exchange)

Alex was made by the Alabama Department of Education. It is a website made specifically for teachers. This website includes many different resources for teachers to create lesson plans that are interesting and easy for children to learn. This website could be very useful for teachers. I'm sure most teachers do not even know it exist. I personally didn't. This website has different lesson plans and web links that can help a teacher when in comes to making lessons for the classroom. This site is definitely one to keep in mind in the future. I can see it being very beneficial to me as a teacher. There are different courses of study available for each grade level. They describe the lesson plan and what the children should know after the lesson is given. ALEX also provides a personal web space for teachers to submit their own lessons. This way it is teachers working with teachers. With all of these different things mentioned, there are many, many more. One of the things that really stood out to me (the name is catchy) is Alexville. Alexville is the globe you can click on and view the blog for the website. This is a lot of information on one page making it easy to find recent activities and news. This site really was amazing. The amount of resources given to teachers is just incredible. If you would like to visit this website, just click on the link below.


Project 15

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Additional Assignment #5

Tom Johnson's blog is all about the kids. He understands children. He uses pencils as a metaphor to describe children in each different blog post. He is a firm teacher but has a certain amount of respect for the children, and in the same, they have a certain amount of respect for him. In one of his blog posts, he describes the children as "sketchy, permanent, and temporary". This blog is especially encouraging to me. It shows how to think logically about children. This is very important for teachers to understand. We as teachers have to be flexible enough to let children draw with their lives, erase, and redo. We have to understand that they will make mistakes, but can learn from them. Mr. Johnson's description of children really hit the nail on the head. It was perfect in my opinion.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Progress Report on Final Project

We are going to interview a professor in the College of Education about how technology is used in her classroom and how it affects the learning of her students. We will be asking questions such as, does technology make it easier for you as a teacher to make a point, and does it help the students learn? My partners will be Alissa Logan and Courtney Banks.

Analysis and Commentary of Project #6

The results of this project were actually quite surprising. 76% said they liked the outdoors and 24% said they did not. 62% said they liked to fish and 33% said they did not. Freshwater fishing was preferred more than saltwater fishing...only by 5% percent though. Majority voted they preferred fishing from a boat. I have always enjoyed fishing very and have personally been on dates to piers and whatnot. There were quite a few people that disagreed with fishing being a legitimate date, but I would have to say myself, those are the best. I asked different questions about different types of baits and lures just to see if the surveyor's actually knew anything about fishing, most did, but some really need some fishing tips. Overall, most people really like to fish and were educated about fishing. I think that if more people would take the time to fish, they would have a greater appreciation for the water and wildlife.

My Sentence

Blog #12 Continued

How can technology help farmers understand new ways to improve fertilization techniques?

Technology makes it possible to get the most out of the "not so ordinary" things, such as dirty fish water. It offers new and easier ways to be efficient not only in a classroom, but even on a farm. Technology is used everywhere. People just don't realize how important technology is when it comes to looking for new resources and information. Technology affects everyone. That's why it is extremely important for even children to understand how to find information and apply it to everyday occurrences. I will admit, it's possible that farmers could have discovered this technique without technology, but there is no way they could have made a working habitat for the fish without the proper chemical balance being obtained through technology. This just proves, that not only professors, school teachers, engineers, etc. use technology in their everyday life. Technology influences everyone, even farmers.

Blog Post #12

1. Watch this Video made at Auburn University.

Write a brief paragraph about how technology can be a help farmers to understand new ways to improve fertilization techniques on fish farms such as this at Auburn University. Do you think that farmers would have discovered this new technique of fertilization without technology?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blog Post #11

Ms. Kathy Cassidy

Ms. Cassidy made her class more than just learning. Her students had fun. For some children, it's a dream to be able to use the Nintendo DS in the classroom. For her's, they were playing and learning at the same time.

She let her students use Skype and talk with other people, which let the children know that they are not the only kids in the world. They got to experience different things right there in the classroom. It is extremely important for us as teachers to make technology a part of children's lives. Without technology, they will presumably be left behind.  I never thought first grade children would be capable of this type of use with technology, but then again, as illustrated in a previous video, never underestimate children. After watching this video, I will admit, I am amazed at how progressive the children are with technology.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Additional Assignment #3

First off, throughout this video, I was amazed with the drawing. Whoever can do that really does have talent. I know it's not much, but I personally, would not be able to keep up with it. I would definitely have to be the narrator in this one.

Now that that's out of the way, I'll talk about Sir Ken Robinson. One of the things that really stood out to me was during this time in our society, a college degree is not the ONLY ticket for a job. Of course, it will help, but with the economy the way it is, a four year degree is not all employers are looking for. I, along with many other people I know, am very concerned about graduating and not being able to find a job. Employers want experienced workers. I agreed with mostly everything in this video except for children being split into different age groups. I believe that each child has different capabilities, but the same maturity levels. An adult should never make a child miss out on child hood. Don't let them grow up too fast. Over all, this presentation was great. I definitely would recommend it.

C4K Summary Post 3-7

C4K 3: Christchurch Earthquake. This student wrote about the earthquake that occurred in Christchurch. He described some of the devastation that followed this early morning quake. I could really relate with this disaster. A few years ago, my Father's house burned down on December 23, two days before Christmas. I know what it feels like being left with nothing. I can only hope for the best for these people. I know it takes time to recover from such tragedies.

C4K 4:Our School Fete. This student wrote about the school fete that took place at his school. During my time at school, we called them Fall Festival's. He described the rides and activities that were operating throughout the day. He also said the school raised over $20,000.

C4K 5: Andrew H's blog. New Be.
In this blog, he wrote about it being more fun than the one he was required to do in the fifth grade. He described some of his hobbies which are football and track, and also added that he liked to watch the Colts play football. Hopefully, this time, he will become interested in keeping up with the blog.
C4K 6: Ricardo C's Blog. I learned that a command has a.
I finished his sentence for him, I learned a command has a..."reason. If a command is given, there is always a reason. Never doubt that. At times, it may not make sense to you, but in the long run, it eventually will."
C4K 7: Nagrom's Blog. In this blog, the student took an abstract picture of a piece of wood. I was actually very impressed. Many people would look at this picture and just see wood, but this student saw lines and textures.

Summary Post C4T #3

The teacher that I read about was Eric Langhorst. He did and entire lesson on George Washington. Except, it wasn't all about him being a president. He taught about Washington being so much more. Washington was also a farmer. He started off growing tobacco then eventually began growing wheat. Mr Langhorst actually traveled to Mount Vernon where he created a podcast for his lesson. Knowing that he actually traveled to the place he taught makes it so much more interesting to the students (and me). His lesson was very interesting and definitely kept my attention. I hope to one day, make learning fun and interesting at the same time just as he did.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog Post #10

An Open Letter to Educators

Dan Brown and Morgan Bayda make very good points here. I understand what they are saying, but I'm not sure I can fully relate. Our school system is designed for a different time, it just hasn't quite caught up yet. Dan Brown said that almost all information is now free. Then what's the point i going to class? I am afraid that when people to actually realize the Internet almost holds all of the answers, they result will be the same as Dan Brown's, people will begin to drop out or quit school. It really doesn't make sense though, why do we pay to go to class when everything is right at our finger tips? The answer: we need to know how to find it. Morgan Bayda said that she often felt cheated in her college classes. She said there was very little, if no communication at all. She said the classes were either too big or too small for the proper communication to take place. I fully understand where she is coming from. I personally have had the same problems.

An Open Letter To Educators

Don't Let Them Take The Pencils Home

This is both humorous and serious at the same time. Taking pencils home lowers test scores??? Come On! On a serious note, the focus was not just solely put on the problem, it was placed on the solution. I really enjoyed this, I think that children can learn by doing anything. Even if it is just playing hang-man.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home

Two Questions That Can Change Your Life
What's my sentence? Was I better today than yesterday? These two questions are short, but have huge answers and valuable meaning.

MY SENTENCE: She can do anything she puts her mind to.

Two questions that can change your life

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blog Post #9

What I've Learned This Year

This blog is about a new teacher in Noel, Missouri, Mr McClung. He is telling everything he has learned since he began teaching. He starts off with "How to Read a Crowd". He says that he was so worried about how he was being assessed from the supervisors, that he made his lectures teacher-centered and not student centered. He said that the most important aspect of teaching is checking for student comprehension. That's very true. What's the point of teaching when the students don't understand?

He goes on to say that every professor tries to make the perfect lesson. He says the lesson you teach is never the one you plan. I read an article for another class I am currently taking that said you can never put a time limit on good teaching. You will never know what the lesson will really be like, the only objective is to make sure the students understand the material. If the lesson doesn't go exactly as planned, just work with it. It will all most likely work itself out in the end.

He then says communication is the best medicine. It is the best way to resolve any issue anywhere, whether it be in a classroom, at work, at home, etc. Although communication sounds "easy", it is probably one of the most difficult skills to develop. Having a good relationship with fellow teachers and students all depend on communication. Without that, we're just a bunch of strangers to each other.

Another issue he addressed was teachers have high expectations for their students. Some reach them, others don't. He says some teachers really loose touch and forget that, like themselves, the children are not perfect. The job of the teacher is to simply pick them up after they fail, dust them off, and encourage them to try again. If a student is constantly being told they aren't doing something right, they will eventually quit trying. Everyone needs encouragement every now and then.

He eventually gets to the part about technology. I'm sure this was Dr. Strange's part. He says technology is our friend and is essential to living in our microwave society today. Teachers do not need to be afraid to use computers. The only damage they can do by using a computer, is learning. If you start at the bottom, you can only go up. So it's just like Mr. McClung says, "...jump in head first, the water feels fine. :)"

Teachers need to take interests in their students lives. A teacher that does not know anything about their students, will have no communication with them, and eventually no relationship with them. So yes, it's that important.

Last, but most definitely no least, he says teachers should never stop learning. Teachers work in a learning environment so why not learn as much as you can?

If you would like to view this blog, just click on the link below :)

Mr. McClung

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blog Post #8

This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2

Richard Miller grew up surrounded by books. Books were a passion that he had. He knew he wanted to work with them one day...he did. He wrote a book that is now on sold for fifty nine cents a copy. He always dreamed of working with hard copy books, but is now working with books that are actually online. He says that our workspace is our desktop. We can research the riches of the world as they are stored on the web. Not just what is around us.
He talks about all of the different resources online and how each one can be used for different reasons. These documents are freely available and are always there. Its not like a library, check out a book and its just not there, but anyone can use it anytime. He ends his speech by saying, "we can do it, we should do it". No doubt, we should.
He also said that there are a lot of things that are not only in books anymore but also on the web. He called these changes incremental changes, not fundamental changes.
"Ideas don't belong to us individually, but they belong to us as a culture". I agree with that very much. Everyone will have the same opinion if we all have the same problems. It is true when he says that we as educators must be in the business of sharing ideas freely, but that isn't just for educators. Mostly educators, but others as well.
In the future, students will learn to compose with digital composing materials that are just now being taught and learned. It will not just need to be just a "black and white" article, it need color, needs to attract people's attention, needs to make people want to read it. Different dreams/ideas should be shown through these online documents.
I believe that I will be prepared to use these types of online learning materials in the classroom. I want to be able to get my students attention and keep it. I believe that using technology this way will enable that.

If you would like to view these two videos, just click on the link below.
This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2

EDM 310 for Dummies and The Chipper Series.
Edm 310 for could definitely make money off of that book! I would actually like to be a part of a video like this. They look like they were having fun, and it was actually informative. Some very good points were made,and I believe that these video could actually help people who need it. Basically in both of these videos, they are telling all students to work hard and get things done on time, it's actually possible.

Critiques of Smartboards

Why I Hate Interactive Whiteboards.
Why Smart Boards are a Dumb Initiative.

These two articles were different and the same.
Smart boards can be a good thing in the classroom if a teacher can use it correctly. Otherwise, its just a lot of money hanging on the wall. Teachers need to learn how to work Smartboards. If they can teach a lesson from a smart board, it will be 95% more interesting than a regular white board. Otherwise, you might as well be using a chalk board. In the first article, Sylvia Martinez says, "You can't buy change. It's a process, not a purchase." I couldn't agree more with this. This quote ended this article perfectly proving a point. If you would like to look at either of these articles, they are both listed below.
Why I Hate Interactive Whiteboards

Why Smartboards are a Dumb Initiative

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Timetoast 9A

First Progress Report.: PLN I use symbaloo as my PLN to keep up with all of these different things.
It also keeps me VERY organized. I use Google to find information. I use facebook to communicate with the U.S.A Diamond Girls along with other people. I use this when writing papers, etc. This is free music. I use it when I run. I use this to check my bank account.
USA web page I use this to check emails, grades, and school updates. I use gmail to check messages from EDM 310 and classes. I use blogspot for EDM 310.
~This is everything I have so far, I am sure I will be adding more as the semester continues.~

Summary Post C4T Teacher #2

Wm Chamberlain's blog post was very neat. I had never heard of team teaching until I read this. He explains how he teaches a lesson and then has someone else tell him how he could teach even better with greater impact on the students. I love how he is willing to take advice from other people. I personally have met a lot of professors that would be thoroughly offended if someone told them what they were doing was not perfect. I really like that about Mr. Chamberlain. If you would like to see Wm Chamberlain's blog, just click on the link!
Wm Chamberlain

Blog Post #7

This speech was given by Randy Pausch. He began his speech by telling everyone all of the childhood dreams he had. He let us know, that everyone has these kinds of dreams, we just seem to eventually ignore them. We grow up, and forget what used to be really important to us. Randy Pausch was not one of these people. He saw things differently. He knew what he was capable of and went for it.
After the extreme introduction introduction of all of his dreams, he went on to tell us how he became successful. He never gave up those dreams. After that, this question arose, "How can I enable the childhood dreams of others?". After asking himself the question, he then began his journey.
He went through many different jobs, and eventually ended up being a professor. This job made him realize he could now really help people like he had always dreamed of doing. He realized students needed to be taught differently. They needed to know their capabilities and how to learn different abilities through other things that caught their interest. Through technology and group work. This kind of work study allowed his students to succeed even more, surprising him. The impact he made on that school, with the project he assigned, was unbelievable. That could have never been done without the help of technology. Not just out of text books.
At the end of his speech, Randy Pausch had reminded me of what I really wanted when I was growing up. I really wanted to be a school teacher. I feel like I am, in a way following my dream. I can only hope to be the kind of professor Randy Pausch is. He has done remarkable things for people. I would love for someone to be able to say that about me.
If you would like to watch the speech given by Randy Pausch, just click on the link below. Randy Pausch's Speech

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Additional Assignment #2

How Kids Teach Themselves
1. What do you think? If learners are motivated, can they teach themselves?
Yes, uneducated children, who had never seen a computer before taught themselves how to browse and record music, then play the music the made back.

2. If those motivated learners are kids, can they teach themselves?
Yes, children will learn to do what they want to do. They taught themselves how to record and play music within four hours.

3. What conditions are necessary for kids to teach themselves? For anyone to teach him or herself?
Children can learn to do anything on their own if they really want to. No matter who or where they were. They just simply have to have the motivation.

4. What role do computers and internet access play in the process?
Computers and internet give the children something to have fun with. It’s not just a book and pencil and studying. It’s more hands on.

5. What role does motivation, a desire to learn?
The children will be motivated if they are having fun. If the children have interest, then education happens. Interest brings motivation which eventually brings education.

6. What roles do a problem, a question or multiple problems or questions play in the process?
If there is a question, there has to be a solution. How do you find a solution? Trial and Error.

7. How do you motivate someone to learn?
Catch their interest. Give them something that has their attention and they can have fun with. Even if it’s just a simple Disney game on the internet.

8. How are you motivated to learn?
Just like a child, it has to catch my attention. I have to have a little bit of interest in the assignment to want to complete it correctly.
9. Can anyone who is not motivated to learn, learn?
They can, but they won’t enjoy it. It will be shoved down there throat, then “burped back” on a test and forgotten after.

10. Do you teach yourself? When? Why?
Yes, every time I do homework, I have to teach myself the methods, or at least practice the new methods I learned in class. When? I teach myself all the time in this class. Why? It’s an online class. I don’t want to fail, personally. That is the greatest motivation, but I also really do want to be able to teach my children in my future classroom in a fun way. Not just with books and pencils.

11. What role does a teacher (either answer generally or use a specific example) play in your learning?
Math class for example, I have to have someone literally get up in front of me, and work problems out in order for me to understand it. I can’t just look in a math book at pictures and diagrams and understand what is going on. I require a teacher n very few classes, but for others, I teach myself more often through homework and studying.

12. What is the most important idea, question or emotional response you take away with you as a result of watching this video?
Any child can learn when motivated. It doesn’t matter how educated he or she is, they just have to have the proper motivation and interest in the subject area.

13. What other questions or issues are raised by this video that should be considered and discussed by aspiring teachers?
Aspiring teachers need to learn how to catch the interest of their students. They need to learn how to make the curriculum interesting. Once again, trial and error. Figure out what works best for each student.

If you would like to view the video I am answering these questions about, just click on the link below!
The Child-Driven Education

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blog Post #6

The Networked Student
The networked student doesn't exactly need a teacher when he begins to get the hang of things, but definitely needs one to teach him how to respectfully speak to people online. He needs to know how to speak with experts and not look like a completely "uneducated" person.

She will teach him how to take advantage of learning opportunities online and teach him how to build his network. She will offer guidance when he gets "stuck" and teach him how to recognize good information from propaganda. She will show how to turn a web search into a scavenger hunt.

Teachers today should let their students do more of this research and begin to get them more familiar with how using the Internet for resources can be a good thing. They need to know how to tell the difference between good and bad information. The old saying, "the earlier, the better" comes into play here. The earlier a child begins to learn to use the computer, the better off they will be. They will know what is right and what is wrong when they begin to research facts for papers, etc.
If you would like to view this video, just click on the link below!

The Networked Student

A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment
This seventh grader has an amazing appreciation for online resources. She is the kind of student I can only hope to have in my classroom when I begin teaching. She went step by step with all of her assignments and completed them all to her satisfaction. She has all of her priorities in line when it comes to her PLE. She is a role model for my PLN. I feel the same as her when it comes to having so much freedom, that you feel the obligation to complete assignments. I personally love that freedom. I hope to one day be able to give that freedom to students in my classroom. If you would like to view her video, just click on the link below!

A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment

The Machine is Changing Us
I think what he says is very true. You have to be on television to be significant, you have to have a "voice". Fifteen years ago, the next generation was labeled materialistic, short attention span, narcissistic, and not easily impressed. Very similar to what we say about today's generation when we are having an off day, right? He says, society does not give recognition, you have to create your own. This leads to disengagement and fragmentation.
On Youtube, we communicate through all types of different mediums that shape the message, conversations, and all kinds of possibilities. Youtube shows who people really are. It is easier for a person to talk to a camera than actually speaking to a person face to face.
Youtube shows the good, bad, and ugly. It can leave a huge impression, whether it be good or bad. The "Free Hugs" video shows people coming together. This becomes such a powerful message. More videos (over 20 thousand)from all over the world were made because of this one video. In probably the most private space you could possibly be at, becomes the most public once on Youtube. People can make a difference with web cams. It just goes to show, that we can all be connected. Youtube sends out the message of unity and connection.

The Machine is Changing Us

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

C4K 1 and 2 Summary

The child's blog that I was assigned to comment on was Yolanda S. She seemed to have her priorities in order according to her blog. She had family and school as her top most important things in her life. I could only hope every child would. Her blog was neatly set up, as were the others. Her struggles in school were mostly in math. I completely feel her pain when it comes to this subject. I have never been good with math. But, over all she seems to be and extremely smart student with a steady home life and great family.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

Pitcairn Islands
Although I will be using both, Google Squared and WolframAlpha, I believe I will be using google squared more often. The educational implications of Google Squared is everything is categorized and in order. It also lets you add or delete anything you wish at any time. The educational implications of WolframAlpha was it had all of the different pictures and charts right there in front of you. It is very good for people who are more of a visual learner like myself. Until this assignment, I had never heard of Google Squared or WolframAlpha.
My comments for my "Did You Know" assignment have not changed much. We all still need to be aware of how fast technology is advancing. Especially in our own country. I just realized that instead of taking a statistic for exactly what it says, I should look into it more and really think about what it actually means.
Food For Thought: Never underestimate the capability of a child.

Erin's Podcast

Interview with Richard Hayes About Technology in the Classroom

Friday, September 24, 2010

Blog Post #5

The Benefits of Podcasting in a Classroom.

This video shows how podcasting can encourage student to become more interactive with each other using technology. Not only is it good for the students, the parents can also see what their children are doing at school. Students can record different things and upload them very easily. I believe podcasting is one more way to make school more enjoyable for kids. If you would like to take a look at the video about podcasting just click on the link below!

Podcasting in the Classroom

100 Ways to use you iPod to learn and study better

There are so many more things you can do with your iPod than just listen to music. The iPod can upload all kinds of different study guides and notes that any student can use to study. Things like Sparknotes, Cliffnotes, Mogopop, etc. The tutorials and applications are numerous. Now students don't have to worry about keeping up with papers. They can simply look at their iPods. If you would like to see a list of all of the different things the iPod offers to help people study, just take a look at this list!

100 Ways

Eagle Nest Radio

These children are learning and having fun at the same time. This podcast proved that! They take what the teacher has taught them,and act it out in front of the camera. Not only did they retain the information needed, they learned while having fun. And might I add, they were very good actors if I must say so myself. These children got to take advantage of technology in the classroom. Hopefully one day, in my teaching career, I will be able to take advantage of technology just like this teacher did. If you would like to view the podcast just click on the link below!

Eagle Nest Radio

Friday, September 17, 2010

Blog Post #4

Don't Teach your Kids This Stuff. Please?
I believe that children should not be kept from learning about technology. Without this knowledge, what will their futures be like? Every child deserves a fair chance at life and not being exposed to technology is one of the worst things anyone could possibly for that child. Our society has advanced so much that technology will one day consume it. I feel that people should not be completely reliant on technology, but definitely need to know how to work with it. If you would like to read this post just click on the link below.

Scott McLeod's post

The iSchool Initiative
I believe children need to be able to read AND WRITE. This has advantages but also major disadvantages. Children need to practice throughout school with not only technology, but hands on things as well. The iSchool would be great, but there are just so many different things children are missing out on. I understand it would be cheaper to have the iSchool, but would children really be better off with this? I believe this is allot of planning without thinking about the consequences of not having actual pencil and paper in the classroom. Very neat, don't get me wrong. But I believe this will not work. If you would like to see the iSchool that I am talking about just click the link below!
The iSchool Initiative

The Lost Generation
This video was great. I do refuse to believe I am a part of a lost generation. Just by simply getting my priorities in order would make this world such a better place to live in. I want my family to be the most important part of my life. I will make sure my employers know this. I do not believe I will be divorced in 30 years. If everyone could have this out look on their own lives, things could really begin to look up. Of course, we will have to learn from our mistakes, but in the end, we will not be a lost generation. If you would like to read more about the Lost Generation, just click on the link below.

The Lost Generation

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir
This has got to be one of the neatest videos I have watched with this class so far. It's cool how you can see the back of the director when the screen in turning. This sounded really nice as well, even though I do believe I wouldn't know what to think if someone was singing to their computer. But for these people to have never met, and just decide to do put this together is incredible. Congratulations to them. They did extremely well. If you would like to see this virtual choir just click on the link below!

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir

Sunday, September 12, 2010

C4T #1

Wesley Fryer. This man has given me a very large insight on how technology effects not only adults, but children as well. Kids on the Internet are being bullied and all kinds of different things that I had no idea were even happening He gave a speech that summed up everything children have to deal with on a daily basis. Awful things at that. He let parents know that they need to be more aware of what their children are saying, seeing, and reading.
Facebook and other social networks are huge deals when it come to looking for jobs, then even being considered to be hired. When looking for a job, businesses are on social sites and when being hired, businesses look at that person's personal Facebook. I would really suggest taking a look at Wesley Fryer's Blog. It gave me an entirely different view of how the Internet is being used.

The World Better Prepare for when I'm a Billionaire!

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A Vision of Students Today
"What is it like being a student today?". This video seems to sum my college life right up. I buy hundreds of dollars worth of books, just to use one or two. I have one professor that knows my name. Plenty of people pay to take the classes, but NEVER come. Fortunately, I won't be covered in student loans when I graduate, but I know plenty of people that will be.
Many people don't even buy textbooks anymore because of all of the resources we have online now. All of the different websites, who knows if textbooks will even be used in the future? What's the point in having a chalkboard anymore if everything can be put into a computer and shown through projection, etc.? I think is this video added a little bit of information about dorm life, it would be perfect. If you would like to watch this video, just click on the link below.
Product of Kansas State University A Vision of Students Today
It's Not About Technology
I could not agree with this article more. Teachers must be willing to learn and teach at the same time. Technology is advancing so quickly, they will not always be able to know it all. They are going to have to be willing to take advice from whomever or wherever it may come. "Learning is not the same to all teachers and all students, but it must always be the goal". What's the point in having a classroom with no learning happening? It would be a waste of money, time, and effort. If a student simply does not learn the subject matter, then teaching has not been done. We need teachers in today's society to realize when learning is not taking place.
We could have the best equipment in a classroom, but without a teacher who knows how to use, it is no good. "When we put innovative tools in the hands of innovative teachers, amazing things can happen". That sentence is the best from this entire article. Without educated teachers, what is the point? We need teachers who are willing to teach and willing to learn! If you would like to read this article, you may click on the link below.
Kelly Hine's Article It's Not About The Technology
Is It Okay To Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?
I do agree with Mr. Fisch. I think every teacher should have some type of technological capabilities. With technology advancing so quickly in today's society, who knows if classrooms will even have textbooks in the future? Teacher's should at least be required to know the bare minimum about computers.
Another thing I really agreed with him about, is he mentioned he hated hearing people say the were computer illiterate. I personally would be worried if I heard a teacher at my child's school say something like that. I don't think it as extreme as reading and writing, but no doubt at all, I would not feel as comfortable with that school as I should. If you would like to read Mr. Fisch's blog, just click on the link below.
Karl Fisch's Blog Is It okay to be a Technologically Illiterate Teacher?
Gary's Social Media Count
This social media count is almost overwhelming to me. With number's getting so much higher within only seconds, what would happen if everything just stopped? Would society just crash? Businesses be done? Of course! Technology is a very important part of society today. This just proves within only a few seconds, how much people use technology! If you would like to see this, which I do recommend, just click on the link! Gary's Social Media Count

Friday, September 3, 2010

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Did You Know?
"For students earning a four year technical degree this means that half of what they learn in their first year of study will be outdated by their third year of study". As a student, that TERRIFIES me. Is all of this advanced technology necessary? It is becoming to look that way. Computers in every classroom, ipods in every hand, and a number of text messages that exceeds the total population of the planet?!
At first I thought this class was going to be a waste of time for me. I thought I knew everything about computers that would be needed for a classroom. I am beginning to realize, I know the bare minimum. Just enough to get by. With computer technology advancing at such a fast pace, there is no telling what the future of a classroom will be.
Will there be any books in years to come? Or will it all be electronic? "In 2049, a $1000 computer will exceed the computational capabilities of the entire human race". That seems almost robotic! Will this type of advancement be good for society?...For the world??? This video reminded me of the country song by Brad Paisley, Welcome To The Future. All of the advancements that have taken place. What would our ancestors think? I really enjoyed this video, it was a real "eye opener". If you would like to watch it you could click on the link below.
Karl Fisch's Video
Mr. Winkle Wakes
This video is almost mind ratteling. I believe that when necessary for a school to "up grade", small steps should be taken to do whatever is needed. If a change in curriculum is required, then let there be change! When these children graduate, what will they have learned that is to be valuable enough for a good job?..or to even get into a good college? Most colleges require you to fill out an application online!
If schools do not teach up to date computer classes, then when the students get into the real world, what will happen? It is very important teachers and well as students to be up to date with matters such as this. If something new comes along every two years, then new things should be taught every two years. Why wait? If you would like to watch Mr. Winkle Wakes, just click on the link below!
Rip Van Winkle's Video
The Importance of Creativity
"If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original". In this speech, Ken Robinson talks about the fear of being wrong and making mistakes, and we are now running educational systems where the worst thing that could possibly happen is make a mistake. The result? We are educating people out of their creative capacities.
Ken Robinson believes that we do not grow into creativity, we get educated out of it. I'm not sure if I agree with that statement. An artist has to be taught to write. A musician has to be taught the notes. An athlete has to be taught how to play. He believes that children pretty much are born knowing things. If children are given this talent, who will recognize it? Teachers in the schools system.
He is almost acting upset that the public education system gets children ready to go to universities. Wouldn't that be one main reason for high school? The public school systems, and private might I add, are the systems in this society that find where children really flourish academically and physically. Whether the child is very good at math, or as he used in his example, a great dancer. Without the school system, they would have never known Gillian Lynne had such talent. I believe he is placing too much criticism on the public school systems. He is not giving them enough credit. If you would like to watch this speaker, he really is quite humorous, I guess I just see things differently than he does?
Ken Robinson's Video
Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
Mrs. Davis is exactly the kind of teacher we need teaching in our school system in today's society. She is teaching her students the advancements in technology. She creates an atmosphere in her classroom that makes students curious and want to learn more about technology. She is preparing them for the real world.
Mrs. Davis in her video, is the kind of teacher that seems to learn as she teaches, not just before hand getting a lesson ready. She interacts with her students on the computer. Not only assigning homework and whatnot, but actually making class fun for them. I do believe, for the future of our society, we need more teachers like Mrs. Davis to keep children, and other teacher at that, up to date. If you would like to see Mrs. Davis in her classroom, you may click on the link below! I really recommend it!
Vicki Davis's Video

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blog #1

    My name is Erin Elizabeth Tillman.  I grew up in Theodore, Alabama, and am currently residing at the Grove.  I am attending the University of South Alabama because it is close to home.  My family is my life.  I have one brother and fifteen cousins, of which twelve are male.  Obviously, most of my family consist of boys. 
    My major is Elementary Education.  My grandmother and three aunts are in the field of Education.  That's where the inspiration came from.  They love their jobs, and say they wouldn't trade it for the world.  They always tell me there is never a dull moment in the classroom.
    I grew up fishing most of my childhood with my Dad and brother.  I consider that a true passion.  During the winter season, I love to hunt with my Dad at our hunting camp.  Hunting is a hobby, but fishing will always be a passion.  It has become a stress reliever more than anything since I began my college career. 
     I plan to graduate in the Fall of 2012 if everything goes smoothly.  I would love to teach here in Mobile, but am more than willing to move if necessary.  I do believe, along with fishing, teaching will one day become a passion.