Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blog #1

    My name is Erin Elizabeth Tillman.  I grew up in Theodore, Alabama, and am currently residing at the Grove.  I am attending the University of South Alabama because it is close to home.  My family is my life.  I have one brother and fifteen cousins, of which twelve are male.  Obviously, most of my family consist of boys. 
    My major is Elementary Education.  My grandmother and three aunts are in the field of Education.  That's where the inspiration came from.  They love their jobs, and say they wouldn't trade it for the world.  They always tell me there is never a dull moment in the classroom.
    I grew up fishing most of my childhood with my Dad and brother.  I consider that a true passion.  During the winter season, I love to hunt with my Dad at our hunting camp.  Hunting is a hobby, but fishing will always be a passion.  It has become a stress reliever more than anything since I began my college career. 
     I plan to graduate in the Fall of 2012 if everything goes smoothly.  I would love to teach here in Mobile, but am more than willing to move if necessary.  I do believe, along with fishing, teaching will one day become a passion.


  1. Your adventurous lifestyle is inspiring. I love the fact that your passion has roots in the special bond that you have with your family. I think it would be hard for you to fail as a teacher when it obviously means so much to you and you have such a strong support system of teachers in your family.

  2. Hunting and fishing your passions? You are an outdoor girl!

  3. Hi, Erin! I enjoyed reading your blog about yourself. I enjoy hunting and fishing as well, although I wouldn't exactly call it a passion of mine. We have 2 ponds on our land so it's just something I do when I have the time, which isn't too often these days! I also plan on graduating Fall of 2012. It's good to know that you're so passionate about your future job. In my opinion some of the educational systems need more teachers with your kind of mentality! Good luck this semester and with the rest of your college career!