Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

Pitcairn Islands
Although I will be using both, Google Squared and WolframAlpha, I believe I will be using google squared more often. The educational implications of Google Squared is everything is categorized and in order. It also lets you add or delete anything you wish at any time. The educational implications of WolframAlpha was it had all of the different pictures and charts right there in front of you. It is very good for people who are more of a visual learner like myself. Until this assignment, I had never heard of Google Squared or WolframAlpha.
My comments for my "Did You Know" assignment have not changed much. We all still need to be aware of how fast technology is advancing. Especially in our own country. I just realized that instead of taking a statistic for exactly what it says, I should look into it more and really think about what it actually means.
Food For Thought: Never underestimate the capability of a child.

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