Thursday, December 2, 2010

Final Report On PLN
I use Symbaloo as my PLN to keep me organized. Everything is right there in front of me, just a click away.
The most used are things like
Facebook. This keeps me updated with my friends and family. This is my main search engine for all of my classes. I check all of my bank aaccounts online at any time. I check this everyday. This is my main email account.
PAWS This is the website that South Alabama has to show grades, holds, registration, etc. Yeah, it's pretty important. Yes, an online dictionary for people who can't spell like me :) I use this to watch all of the video's I could ever imagine and upload projects for the EDM 310 class every week.
I actually have a calendar type of organization on my symbaloo now. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have certain classes that are online. These classes are grouped together. My Tuesday and Thursday classes are grouped together, and the rest is at the bottom. Of course, My Blog is top, right. :) I feel like I have FINALLY figured it out.

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