Thursday, December 2, 2010

Summary Post C4K November and 12/5

C4K #8
This blog post was written by shawshaw24. She is in the 12th grade and wrote a very good post on constructive criticism. She said teachers should be motivated to teach, and students should be motivated to learn. If both parties would do just that one job, then life would be so much easier. She is an extremely talented writer. Her word usage and grammar were exceptional.

C4k #9
The students were learning about snails. They made a video about the different snail projects they had made. I have always been creeped out by snails, but I think these children have helped me over come my fear. :)

C4K #10
This post was about Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley is a paper doll that travels all around the world. The video is very cute. It just explains the reasoning behind Flat Stanley. He can go anywhere anytime he wants.

C4K #11
Elizabeth put a picture of the dress her mother made for her on her blog. She is a dancer, and said the crystals on the skirt really sparkle in the light when she moves. It was very creative.

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