Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blog Post #7

This speech was given by Randy Pausch. He began his speech by telling everyone all of the childhood dreams he had. He let us know, that everyone has these kinds of dreams, we just seem to eventually ignore them. We grow up, and forget what used to be really important to us. Randy Pausch was not one of these people. He saw things differently. He knew what he was capable of and went for it.
After the extreme introduction introduction of all of his dreams, he went on to tell us how he became successful. He never gave up those dreams. After that, this question arose, "How can I enable the childhood dreams of others?". After asking himself the question, he then began his journey.
He went through many different jobs, and eventually ended up being a professor. This job made him realize he could now really help people like he had always dreamed of doing. He realized students needed to be taught differently. They needed to know their capabilities and how to learn different abilities through other things that caught their interest. Through technology and group work. This kind of work study allowed his students to succeed even more, surprising him. The impact he made on that school, with the project he assigned, was unbelievable. That could have never been done without the help of technology. Not just out of text books.
At the end of his speech, Randy Pausch had reminded me of what I really wanted when I was growing up. I really wanted to be a school teacher. I feel like I am, in a way following my dream. I can only hope to be the kind of professor Randy Pausch is. He has done remarkable things for people. I would love for someone to be able to say that about me.
If you would like to watch the speech given by Randy Pausch, just click on the link below. Randy Pausch's Speech

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  1. Hey Erin!
    This lecture was absolutely inspiring. I feel that living up to your own dreams is something that everyone should aspire to do. Like yourself, my dream has always been to become a school teacher. But not only am I achieving my dream but I also now know the importance of inspiring others to achieve theirs too.