Sunday, November 14, 2010

Analysis and Commentary of Project #6

The results of this project were actually quite surprising. 76% said they liked the outdoors and 24% said they did not. 62% said they liked to fish and 33% said they did not. Freshwater fishing was preferred more than saltwater fishing...only by 5% percent though. Majority voted they preferred fishing from a boat. I have always enjoyed fishing very and have personally been on dates to piers and whatnot. There were quite a few people that disagreed with fishing being a legitimate date, but I would have to say myself, those are the best. I asked different questions about different types of baits and lures just to see if the surveyor's actually knew anything about fishing, most did, but some really need some fishing tips. Overall, most people really like to fish and were educated about fishing. I think that if more people would take the time to fish, they would have a greater appreciation for the water and wildlife.

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