Tuesday, November 2, 2010

C4K Summary Post 3-7

C4K 3: Christchurch Earthquake. This student wrote about the earthquake that occurred in Christchurch. He described some of the devastation that followed this early morning quake. I could really relate with this disaster. A few years ago, my Father's house burned down on December 23, two days before Christmas. I know what it feels like being left with nothing. I can only hope for the best for these people. I know it takes time to recover from such tragedies.

C4K 4:Our School Fete. This student wrote about the school fete that took place at his school. During my time at school, we called them Fall Festival's. He described the rides and activities that were operating throughout the day. He also said the school raised over $20,000.

C4K 5: Andrew H's blog. New Be.
In this blog, he wrote about it being more fun than the one he was required to do in the fifth grade. He described some of his hobbies which are football and track, and also added that he liked to watch the Colts play football. Hopefully, this time, he will become interested in keeping up with the blog.
C4K 6: Ricardo C's Blog. I learned that a command has a.
I finished his sentence for him, I learned a command has a..."reason. If a command is given, there is always a reason. Never doubt that. At times, it may not make sense to you, but in the long run, it eventually will."
C4K 7: Nagrom's Blog. In this blog, the student took an abstract picture of a piece of wood. I was actually very impressed. Many people would look at this picture and just see wood, but this student saw lines and textures.

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