Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blog Post #11

Ms. Kathy Cassidy

Ms. Cassidy made her class more than just learning. Her students had fun. For some children, it's a dream to be able to use the Nintendo DS in the classroom. For her's, they were playing and learning at the same time.

She let her students use Skype and talk with other people, which let the children know that they are not the only kids in the world. They got to experience different things right there in the classroom. It is extremely important for us as teachers to make technology a part of children's lives. Without technology, they will presumably be left behind.  I never thought first grade children would be capable of this type of use with technology, but then again, as illustrated in a previous video, never underestimate children. After watching this video, I will admit, I am amazed at how progressive the children are with technology.

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  1. Besides helping kids to make egocentric breakthroughs, it also empowers them because it gives them yet another opportunity for global expression.

    Do you think that the DS method is effective? Will you imitate something like it?